Best suitable answer for question we don't know in Interview

To All forum experts / senior members, one query out of box…

In case of tech interview, as it’s with most of us that we can’t answer 100% question asked.
So for question for which answer we don’t know, what is best suitable answer?

  1. Not able to recall
  2. I need to check
  3. Or any other? (Suggestions welcome)

If you truly don’t recall, say you don’t recall. If you say so, the recruiter may want to provide some piece of info to see if you remember. If this happens, and still you don’t recall, it may backfire! :wink:
So, if you don’t know, don’t say you don’t recall.

This is what I do when I interview someone :eyes:

Don’t recall implies you once knew and forgot.
Sometimes it’s important to show that you known what you don’t know!

One good suggestion i received:
Sorry, I don’t know it!

Looks more sounding and logical.
What’s your view?

For me it shows you are honest , and that makes all the difference. :+1: :blush: