Best Layer to evaluate 5G cell and user Throughput/Data Volume

Hi Experts,
For 5G cell and user throughput kpi and data volume.
Need to check - do we calculate payload at F1 interface?
For throughput it’s at RLC layer. Is it correct?

For throughput it is better at PDCP layer.

But PDCP show combined throughput for 5G and LTE as data split at PDCP.

Yes indeed, you are right.
I am used with network with all data going through 5G only.

But PDSCH throughput is the widely used one to see real utilisation of 4G/5G spectrum.
And mostly you will see 100% 5G pdcp payload usage in a 5G supported eNB even though the user will be served at physical layer through 4G speeds or 5G speeds due to harmonized bearer concept.