Benefit of aggregating carriers

Hi Experts.
For Carrier Aggregation one of most limelight feature whether it’s LTE or NR what is actual benefit of aggregating carrier?
In KPI term no difference seen in user throughput for CA vs non CA.

Is it also used for payload increase on site?

User throughtput increases in RLC layer.
Also user perception improves significantly.

Yes it’s only like 100 to 200 kbps.
Can we say increase in payload as well for DL?

Do you mean no improvement seen after CA?
It’s possible that condition on carriers was just bad and adding carriers didn’t improve situation.
But theoretically and from experience user experience always improved after CA.

Ok thanks!
Do you have pre/post KPI result for DL user throughput?
What is best strategy for CA?
Do we need to carrier in same sector?
Any negative impact if we add carrier between sector 1 and sector 2?
(By same sector I mean ex 2 carrier of sector 1)

Sorry mate. It’s been a long time for me. I did CA in 2017.
Pretty sure we can find much more updated information online or from other members here.

Regarding b/w sectors, if I remember correctly, there is no harm or restriction to do it.
However Huawei recommended or had restriction on CA b/w different cards (forgot what those were called).
Vendor documentation will have all recommendations.
Which vendor are you looking this for?

Ok buddy no issues let me check further thanks for ur great help :+1: