Bad speech quality in 2G while all KPIs are normal

Hi All.

We are getting complaints of bad speech quality in 2G site.

Vendor is ZTE.

But all the KPIs are normal in the report.

Can anyone suggest what to check?

Have you tested Transmission Medium for packet loss?

Check your C/I.

It should be over 8-10 everywhere.

Unfortunatelly there is no MDT for 2G to help you. Only for 3G, 4G and 5G.

Check the Half Rate and Full Rate channel configuration.

Actually it started recently, and there were no cell addition recently.

We are suspecting media issue, but there was no error found in E1 loop.

But how MDT information would be helpful for checking the concern related to speech quality?

Are you referring to logged MDT in this case or any specific parameters in MDT as indicator?

There is no MDT for 2g for users to report areas with bad RF.

Yes, you are right.

But mentioned issue is generic.

So not sure issue is only for bad radio here.

What is your specific problem: FER high? RXQUAL high? Another?

What about HOSR in that site?

Any possibility for external interference due to signal booster/jammer?

Check ICM bands.