Backup DUW in ENM

Hello experts,

1.Can we take a copy of DUW folders (c and d) remotely using ENM.

2.or can we take a backup that includes license and fingerprint for DUW remotely.

Appreciate your help.

Hi, @Amir

  1. Download it from rbs using ftp/sftp connection sftp://rbs:rbs@<rbsip>/
  2. Lisence is stored on ENM too. If you need to download it from rbs anyway use this link:
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Thanks alot
Do I have to login to site to do this?
What about the fingerprint?

My goal is take a backup for c and d then use them on another DUW

For downloading license you don’t need to login.

Fingerprint is stored at:
or you can get it in amos:
get licensing=1 fingerprint.


Hi @vlr9999, I have tried this method it gives me No such file or directory

Hi, @Amir the link above is for example. On ENM or linux the command is:

sftp rbs:rbs@

where rbs is a default DUW login and password. You need to use yours.

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