Are Measurement Configuration valid after Handover in 5G NR?

Hi All,
Are Measurement Configuration valid after Handover in NR?
Cannot see any text suggesting it should be autonomously removed?

Do you mean HO between NR cells, right?

Meas config is part of RRC reconfiguration message, so once HO is done from pscell 1 to pscell 2 then meas config having meas object mapped with particular Freq remain valid.

But in LTE it was autonomously removed, right?

We have:

  • Measobject to add
  • Measobject to remove
  • Report config to add
  • Report config to remove list

So remove is used for removal of defined freq, events, measurement id.

For autonomously removed please tell, is there any different mechanism?

Yes, it is in 36.331 section Measurement identity autonomous removal.

Caution!! Not for all events!!

“NOTE 1: The above UE autonomous removal of measId’s applies only for measurement events A1, A2 and A6.”