Are all 5G devices 2T4R or 4T4R?

Hi Experts,
Are all 5G devices 2T4R or 4T4R?

2T4R I think.
Not seen devices 4T4R in 5G or 4G.
Even latest devices like Xiaomi Mi11 are like this (2T4R): Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (Global) (M2102K1G) | 4G/5G Bands & Combos
Very good device with lots of band combinations in NR, SA and NSA.

Most devices are 1T4R

In LTE the UEs worked with 4T4R and why in NR works with 1T4R/2T4R?

According to above, this spandragon 888 works with 4x4. Is it true?

Is it not for DL 4x4 mimo?
I hear chinese have CPE with 8x8 DL MIMO capable.

Since 2019…
MIMO possibilities for each band in ul and dl is in ue capability for each UE.
Just search inside UE capability and you will find it.

For DL it’s true.
UL, as far as I know, 2 layers only.

Apparently Huawei couldn’t continue with their CPE Business and development after US sanctions.

Recently Ericsson reach UL 315 Mbps in 5G SA by qualcomm X60.
I think it’s 4 layers UL.

4T4R and 4x4 MIMO have different meanings

xTyR refers to num of TX/RX antennas for one side of the communication channel (either base station or UE)

AxB MIMO refers to the SU-MIMO capability of the communication and it is per direction (traditional refers to DL channel)

When eNB 4T4R and UE 1T4R, we have 4x4 MIMO in DL and 1X4 in UL (typically known as 4RX diversity as spatial multiplexing is limited by min(A,B))

In 5G with massive MIMO, gNB can go up to 64T64R but UE side is still 1T4R limiting DL spatial multiplexing to 4x4

Yes this UE support 8x8 with TDD-bands but still not RANK8 possible if I understand correctly. But haven’t seen more 8x8 products and is this device sold anywhere really?

8x8 DL MIMO possible with that CPE of Huawei. But rarely will happen due to RF conditions, not enough multipath for it.

1T4R at UE side, what does it mean?
4RX at gNodeB Or 4RX at UE?

1T4R at UE side means 4RX at UE