Are 5G smart antenna compatible between vendors?

Hello Experts,
Are 5G smart antenna compatible between vendors?

Ericsson and Nokia, as per what I know: YES!

Seems not for Ericsson.
The interface not even open.
I think Nokia can accept Huawei smart antenna.

I think it’s not commercial, there is no compatibility for the moment.

But it’s 3GPP…

Yes it is.
But not all 3GPP recommendations are used :slight_smile:

So vendor are not 100 percent 3GPP compliant. :slight_smile:

All of them will wait for the 5G maturity to launch the compatibility of the smart antenna.

Why would they want compatibility?
So MNO would buy AAU from competition not from them?

There’s nowhere in 3GPP stipulated that AAU should be compatible.
Not even the number of TX antenna is not regulated.
Could be 64 TX, 128 TX, 256 TX, 512 TX, 1024 TX and so on.
There’s no parameter / IE of TX antenna; only for csi-rs ports.

It is a matter of market, no?

I read somewhere that AAU should be compatible.
To be definitely sure, let me check that, revert back once verified.

It is exactly same market that can ruin your business due to compatibility.
Open RAN acts for compatibility and vendors have embraced it forced by operators and competition like Mavenir, Altiostar, Parallel Wireless.
But open RAN products will be much different compared to current products of traditional vendors.

Already Ericsson BBU and samsung RRU deployed in accordance with ORAN alliance guidelines in Dallas.
So BBU-AAU interoperability is just a matter of time.

Is there any problem of feature activation?

Exactly, that interoperability is a market need, which need time.

Operator play major role to accelerate compatibility.