Any practical use case of minislot in NR?

An interviewer asked , what is the use of minislot in NR ,
I replied - If we want to use some critical services then we can use minislot .

Interviewer - That can be achieved by QoS , what is the difference in minislot . can you give any practical use case where you can use minislot ?

I had no answer

Any body describe few usecases of minislot

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First, minislot can be scheduled flexibly by using preempt scheme with a higher priority over regular slot for eMBB traffic. Thus lower latency. Second, minislot can handle HARQ within the same slot, which results in a very low latency. Within the minislot, the RB introduces more diversity mechanisms for the reliable communications, and the details can be refer to NR release 16/17.

What kind of reliability pwr minislot you mean?


The practical use case could be Industrial 5G equipment, medical robotics using 5G for robotic surgery, automobiles IVI systems, M2M etc where speed ( low latency ) does matter instead huge data for quick response