Any issues for 4/5G base station emitting max power 20 meters away?

Hi All.

20 meters away to the apartment that I would like to tent, there is a sector directly seeing this apartment.

If we consider the 4.5G base station is emitting max power, what is the signal strength I would measure in the apartment, roughly?

Do you think that it is harmful?

Thanks in advance.

I would be concerned.

It is 24h radiation!

Yes, but the power is exponentially dropping, so do you know the max power emitted and the approximate power 20 meters away?

I think it’s already established that these radiations are non-ionizing.

So don’t think you have any harm.

Signal strength is likely to be best RSRP/RSRQ.

Buy the best package and stream all you can.

Unfortunately Non-ionizing also has it’s own harm.

If someone is interested, study this book

It only has heating affect afaik.

Based on what I studied it’s not all about heating…

I will read the book thanks for sharing @iman.mohammadi.