Advantages of the 5G NSA mode

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Is it like NSA DL having more cell radius? (Advantages of the 5G NSA mode)

5G NSA to allow Airtel to use 4G technology at no extra cost: Gopal Vittal, CEO

“As a result, there are several advantages of the NSA mode. First, the 3.5 GHz band extends at least 30 percent more on the downlink, which implies a massive 100 meters extra. This gives you substantially more coverage in urban areas, when mid band is providing the uplink,” he explained.

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Yes thats very true.

N78 gives more benefit when used in NSA than in SA.

Higher DL coverage.

Better DL throughput due to robust Uplink in mid band LTE.

Yes, SA having low throughput as compared to NSA.

For coverage part it must be same for N78 between NSA and SA.

No, it’s not same.

In N78, coverage is limited by Uplink not in Downlink.

Hence if uplink is provided by robust LTE uplink mid band then N78 downlink cell radius also improves.

This I have tested in field also.

He has their business interest to convince their business employees down the lines.

There is not a rocket since to understand, who are capable of SA also has capability of NSA.

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NSA Throughput is Sigma of LTE Throughput and NR Throughput.

5G restricted by Uplink in coverage for Downlink no issue.

But here we are talking about NR tput only in NSA.


In case N78 is used along with N28 in SA mode, then limitation of poor uplink coverage will not be there and perfrmance of N78 can be improved in SA as compared to NSA?

This is going to be JIO case in India.

But this is possible only in case on N78_N28 carrier aggregation.

If UE latched to SA N78 without CA, then it will have UL coverage issue compare to NSA N78.

Right. In case of carrier aggregation UL coverage will be improved, otherwise no gain.

Here is my old but still relevant short video.
What you need is:
8:54 min - start of Advantage/Disadvantage of 5G NSA.