Achieve best MCS in lab environment

Hi All,
Can anyone suggest that in 5 MHz LTE 256 QAM - is it possible to achieve best MCS in lab environment?
Not able to get TBS 33 but maximum TBS is stuck at 32 only so getting throughput of 84 Mbps but not 97 Mbps.

Hi, power back off setting check also there is 1 more feature linked with it to decide starting modulation scheme as per MCS value.

How this power back off works?
Is it a Huawei parameter?

It’s value is 1.5 dB, don’t mix it with timer.
If value is 0 dB then you will face low throughput in NR using 256 QAM.

Is it applicable to LTE 256 QAM?
What is the exact name of the parameter?
I am not able to find it out in Hedex.

I think he is talking Nokia 4G not Huawei 4G.

So in Huawei, is there any equivalent parameter?

Do a filter by “saturation” in Excel 4G Parameter List and you will find some.
(Do it at explanation or meaning column, not at name column).
In 5G there are… don’t know for 4G.

I checked… did not find in 4G. :frowning: