Accessibility getting dip in only one band

Hi Experts.

My accessibility getting dip in only One band (850) of multiple sites which leading dip at cluster level as well.

Can someone suggest any checkpoint?
The only change performed near that issue is change in EARFCN (3 Earfcn merged to single with 20 MHz).

Vendor is Ericsson.

Should improve with the 20 MHz merge.

RRC or eRAB?

Both RRC and eRAB.

Have you checked whether SIB5 is carrying right EARFCN after change?

I have counter level information with me at initial check.

Also check the RS power before and after.

Because totalBandwidth affect coverage.

Thanks, I will check that.

Yes RSpower after BW change need to bring to same previous value,else KPI degradation will happen for sure.

With Bandwidth increase you need to increase total power of that sector as well.
Otherwise PSD per RS will reduce, may have impact on accessibility.