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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

A suggestion: It is possible and easy to integrate the new forum to the site telecomhall.com?
I think that the categories can be identical to the old forum, or dilute in main categories Courses, Tips and Hunter.
Another suggestion: We can make by votes the tutorial hunter to be discussed (ideas and suggestions) and published, for example there are those who think the theme about handover important and other theme about Transmisson. Or we can create the ROADMAP with priority index.

Hello @CSilva

  1. About the integration with telecomhall.com.
    Yes, definitely it would be the best option. Unfortunately, my programming skills in web development area are not so good, and also my time is short.
    The easy way was to create a brand new forum (using a brand new platform).
    And about categories, we can create it, now, or we can go ‘adjusting’.
    This new platform brings us a different approach form old forums style. I myself am learning new thing each time i use it. :slight_smile:
    ( I hve used “@” to mention you)

  2. About roadmap, and new themes.
    I plan to create a category (i.e. Hunter Pro). And this category will be private. Only Hunter Users will be on it.
    And other categories, for any kind of discussions.
    This forum platform gives users the ability to moderate public topics.
    I plan to use/test it a little more, and start to giving it the final/initial appearance. :slight_smile: