5G Uplink Channels

This session covers the functionalities of 5G Uplink Channels along with their Configuration, Structure, Call Flows and relevant Information Elements. I have tried to use a different approach on this one to make it easier to understand and remember.

The main topics covered in this video are given below:

  • RACH: The 5G Random Access Channel and corresponding preamble structures are covered. It also shows how the 5G UE finds out about RACH configuration, preamble information, Tx power and cyclic shift from the signaling message.
  • PUSCH: The functionality and allocation details of PUSCH are covered.
  • PUCCH: This is a bit tricky in 5G so I have tried to cover PUCCH formats explaining the pros and cons of each format (Long PUCCH and Short PUCCH). It also shows the relevant UE logs for PUCCH resource allocations.
  • DMRS & SRS: In the end, the reference signals are discussed along with their functionality and overhead (impact on capacity).