5G towers damaged blamed for coronavirus spread

Like last year happened in UK/USA, now started in India as well.
From where 5G linked with corona theory came?
Blamed for virus spread, over 20 5G towers damaged in Punjab in 3 weeks.


Over 20 telecom towers have been damaged in the state in the past three weeks after misleading messages, videos and recorded audios, linking Covid to telecom network and 5G network testing, have gone viral on the social media.

Detailed info here:

One query on this.
We know that when these towers are placed after testing, it would be under certain radiations.
But during testing, do you think they breach radiation limits?
Because they are not sure of optimum power needed.

We have EMF procedure as well.
Even doctors said corona not linked with 5G.
All research done.
But still this happening.

But there is no 5G in India yet! :smiley:

Yes but install towers for trial under target.

I believe there’s no trial in Punjab :joy:
It’s an political issue rather than anything else.

Yes some craps enjoying this in hard times.
But we need to spread awareness no link of corona with 5G :+1:

Interesting is how people know that this is 5G site?
:joy: just rumors

By seeing active antenna :grin:

We deployed 15k+ 4G Massive MIMO.

Highest for mMIMO :+1:

Read this , all queries will be cleared:

Covid am certain has no relationship to 5G.
But general radiations if where I don’t have enough knowledge.
As in ia the radiation under control during testing.