5G TIMERS required

Any one having 5G timers

5G NR radio resource control (RRC) has introduced following listed timers, counters and constant for reliable functioning of procedures like RRCsetuprequest, RRCreestablishment , RRCresume , RRCsuspend etc.

RRC timer indicates the timer duration and event when to start, event when to stop and actions to be taken if the timer is expired. These timers are denoted by letter “T” followed by 3 digit number e.g. T300 . Each timer start we zero value and when the UE applies zero value for a timer, the timer shall be started and immediately expire unless explicitly stated otherwise.

RRC constant and counter defines the count or no. of attempts for particular event. Counter are denoted by letter “N” and followed by 3 digit number e.g. N310 .

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