5G Solution Developed From Scratch in Operator

Just saw in the news: Jio Has Developed 5G Solution From Scratch

Jio has designed and developed a complete 5G solution from scratch. It will be ready for trials as soon as 5G spectrum is available and can be ready for field deployment next year," Mr Ambani said at Reliance Industries’ annual general meeting.

Any comments?

Don’t know whether Jio can stand out as an equiptment manufacturer in the likes of Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Huwaei…
But with all the big shots like Facebook, rival Google under one umbrella anything is possible.

Jio only sustain with equipment they have big vision for digital India.
Radisys is there backbone as well.

With 390 million customers Jio would be saving a lot on equiptment.
Good innitiative.

It’s really a surprise, how do Jio is making telco equipment?
Is some other company helping them?
I remember Jio ( rancore) also developed eNB by themeselve around 2012… but they failed to commercialise it.

Jio team have developers who developed L2 and L3 stacks apart from this HW radio heads can be available easily.

I am not talking about just developing, but also successfully using it in commercial network.
Jio had developed their own eNB and IMS.
But they could not use it.
(I am asking out of curiosity, not to judge anyone)

Money and business acumen can buy or develop anything you need .

Thats right, that’s why I am asking: are they collaborating with any other company?

Please keep in mind feature of 5G is open RAN.
And Jio has right software people.

Rancore technologies, earlier a subsidiary of RIL, was merged with Jio and the acquisition of Radisys further builds upon its 5G and IoT technology capability. These acquisitions accelerated Jio’s in-house development capabilities around open source technologies and NFV adoption, paving way for the development for IoT platform and applications.

Means a RF Engineer will still have his job.
While an integration engineer will be replaced by a software guy.

RF jobs are also going to be replaced to much extent.
Operations to stay.

With Radisys they might achieve it.

So, simple question to all:

How much manpower at what level - department wise - is needed to run a network of let’s say 300 million customers.
Cluster level apart from O&M guys and RF riggers.
State level .
National Level.
This will help us in planning our career the next few years when everything is now self optimised.