5G phone without MCC lock

Hi Experts.

Anyone recommend a 5G phone that does not have MCC lock?
I.e. we are testing 5G on our network and would need a test phone.
Samsung KO.

5G SA or NSA?

I am looking for 5G NSA.

If you are officially testing, then take a test build from UE vendor which can support you with it.

User build will usually have locks because Carrier softwares are installed for this region wise.

We are in process with Samsung to activate the MNC-5G for our network.

But I want to have a test phone that I can use indepent of the vendor supporting it or not.

That I’m not sure will be available in market…

I have had some luck with Xiaomi Mi10 and Mi11.

But the Mi11 has strange behavior…

Samsung S21 Ultra. Did you check it?

But it will be locked via MNC (i.e. until Samsung validate our network, it will not let any Samsung phone on our 5G).

Okay, I see your point.

But in the phone description, they don’t precise it.

Even if the phone support it, Samsung will lock his phone to 4G on a non-validated 5G network.

Ok dear, thanks for the clarification.