5G NSA leg addition in 2 5G freq. environment

In my network i am facing one problem…we have 2 5g bands 3.5 100mhz and 2.6 80 mhz… for example we have 2 neighbouring sites lets say site A(lte + 3.5 5g) and site B(lte and 2.6 5g) and ue is near site B and from site B lte when its start adding 5g many times its added site A 5g with bad coverage logically it should add site a 5g but he cant even on site A i define B1 threshold for 2.6 is 46(-110) and for 3.5 b1 threshold 56(-100) but still its adding 3.5 any suggestion to reduce that my aim it should add collocated 5g …i am having nokia equipment even we have one priorty parameter …even i gave high priorty to 2.6 but still its adding 3.5 5g band

Are you sure UE supports 2.6?