5G NSA latching issue in one site

Hi Experts,
5G NSA latching issue.
NR 850 Sub6 band Ericsson system.
ENDC traffic can be seen but drive test unable to latch on it .
Acnchoring parameter are F9.
Termpoints are verified.
Drive test is able to latch on NBR 5G but not on my site.
SW: L20.Q2
Any suggestion?

Have you checked if UE is reporting B1 measurement or not for this site?

Confirm there is no pci conflict

It’s not reporting for my site PCIs but reporting for NBR sites.

You said ENDC traffic can be seen.
Can you check which plane traffic is this(UP/CP)?
Which KPIs are you getting Data, Trhoughput, etc… Can you confirm?

From UE log the following observations:

  • Issue is still the same.
  • UE is moving from Alpha to Gamma sector on LTE layer B-66.
  • UE is getting the eventb1 thresholds from eNB on all LTE cells.
  • UE is also triggering the eventb1 multiple times on LTE cells (PCI 174 and PCI 313).
  • But in b1 threshold, UE is not sending the measurement of any of the co-located gNB PCIs (161, 333, 352). It’s sending b1 measurements for other NR PCIs.
  • And when checking scanner, all three co-located NR PCISs can be seen with very good RSRP (All in the range of Above -68 dBm)
  • So until UE sends b1 measurements for co-located gNB, NR leg addition won’t take place as it’s enabled fo co-located gNB only.

UP Traffic, Data, Trhoughput… all are there.

Can you verify once plmnIdlist defined at both UP and CP at gNB side under GNBCUCPFunction & GNBCUUPFunction MO?
(Specially under GNBCUCP)

Do u have more than one NR band in ur network?