5G Networks - Coming soon?

Nice illustration, rizing the question: how soon we will be able to get full fledge services of 5G in our place?

Even though MNO’s are in rush to say that they will be launching 5G very soon, users should not expect these things to happen very soon.

Initial rollouts of 5G will be very spotty (Mostly in Metro cities to start with) and will have a lot of dependency on 4G Networks. With a lot of Technical terms (NSA, ENDC, DSS, Fallback), We can understand the dependency of 5G on existing 4G Networks.

All the major USP’s of 5G networks like Slicing, StandAlone Networks, super-fast data rates (~20 Gbps), Ultra Low latency (< 1 ms), and connecting millions of devices are more of fancy terms as of now and it will take time to realize these things.

Another important aspect of 5G Networks which is called Private or Captive Networks (Non-Public Networks) are more use case driven and we need to see how Industry Vertical adapts to it and does it make economical sense to the companies.

So as of now, we have to live with 4G Services in almost 90-95% of the areas and it will take 1-2 years to get significant 5g Coverage and services.


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