5G mmWave Optimization Services - Use Cases

Hello Experts.

From 5G mmWave Planning, Design and Optimization (Coverage and Capacity) perspective, what are the services we can propose?

Here is a list of some suggestion (but not limited to):

  • What scope phases we can offer considering technical challenges and our value proposition / value addition - Working towards Customer Success and Business outcomes.
  • What and how mmWave can be beneficial to Customer if they deploy on fields.
  • Key services offerings - Outcome Focused.
  • Input ( prerequisite)- Prerequisites and requirements.
  • Output/ Deliverables (consider MV scenario) - Different use cases offerings from our NDO offerings / portfolio.
  • Specific field trial and cluster preparations.
  • Parameter and Feature Trial.
  • Deployment scenarios -Capacity Layer, High/potential Hotspot, U, SU, Rural deployment.
  • KPI and Acceptance-operating Bandwidth.
  • Tools ecosystem.
  • RACI Matrix.

Please feel free to add!