5G Letters: Voice over NR

  • Voice over NR is a technology that enables voice communication over 5G networks.

    • 5G NR is the latest generation of mobile network technology that is designed to provide faster speeds, lower latency, and greater capacity than previous generations of mobile networks.
    • Voice over NR is an important part of the 5G ecosystem, as it allows users to make voice calls over 5G networks.
  • To understand how Voice over NR works it’s important to first understand the basics of 5G NR.

    • 5G NR is a wireless communication technology that operates in frequency bands between 24 GHz and 100 GHz.
    • It uses a new air interface called the 5G New Radio (NR) to transmit data wirelessly.
  • VoNR works by using a technology called Voice over New Radio (VoNR).

    • VoNR is a 5G-based voice communication technology that replaces the traditional voice communication technologies used in previous generations of mobile networks.
  • VoNR uses IP Multimedia Subsystem (,IMS) technology to enable voice communication over 5G networks.

    • IMS is a standard protocol for voice and multimedia communication over IP networks.
    • It enables voice communication over IP networks by providing a set of standard protocols for signaling, authentication, and quality of service (,QoS) control.
  • VoNR also uses a new codec called Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) to provide high-quality voice communication over 5G networks.

    • EVS is a speech codec that provides better sound quality than previous generations of speech codecs.
  • To use voice over NR, a user needs a 5G-enabled device that supports VoNR.

    • The user also needs to have access to a 5G network that supports VoNR. Once the user has both of these, they can make voice calls over the 5G network using VoNR.

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