5G basic understanding for RB, PRB, RE

I think RB is a general term for resources whereas PRB is refering to a specific RB (known exactly the location in frequency domain).

This looks correct.

Definitin of RB in standard:


Thanks. its eye opener.

In NR RB is defined only in freq domain.
While in LTE it is in both domains.
This is as per 3gpp.

Hello Guys,
One point I would also check:
1 REG = 1 RB * OFDM Symbol or is it only 1 RB?
Please check which is correct…

Then 1 RB = 12 subcarrier.
So for 1 CCE = 6 REG = 72 RE.

1 RB for 1 OFDM symbol is 1 REG.

It means REG in both frequency and time domain.

Yes, Only RB is in freq domain for 5G.

How many RB in NR ?

Scheduling in NR is different from LTE?

Please correct whenever you are talking about resources in LTE or NR definition must contain frequency domain and time domain allocation.

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