5G and 4G common core


standalone 5G or common 5G and 4G core?

What are your thoughts

SA:Dedicated for Low Latency transport .

NSA:Peak bitrate is sum of LTE and NR,Latency impacted if routed via LTE.

It depends on the service the MNO is going to give.

5GSA without fallback support can not give coverage to their clients on 4G or 3G environments.

I’m not sure if you can ‘externalize’ this fallback support, but I know that several MNO which started with 5GSA now are looking to add 4G and 3G core components like HSS/HLRs.

Another service that you have to keep in mind is Roaming. MNO which gives mobile service should support roaming for its clients.

I hope I’ve helped you a little.