4x4 MIMO to optimize Max Throughput

Hi Experts.

Any idea on 4x4 MIMO to optimize Max Throughput?

Vendor is Ericsson.

If users are more CRS port can be made 4 to shrink coverage for MIMO gain and initial MIMO optimization process instead of fixed MIMO will be helpful.
Rank 4 should be defined as RRU support this.

Rank 4 is subject of multipaths.
Has nothing to do with optimization - in other words one cannot force rank 4 on the UE.

But if UE are there rank 4 is required or else it won’t take, it depends on multipath and chances of rank 4 are very less.
I guess 2 percent in stats max.
But initial MIMO process can help instead of fixed MIMO.

Meaning if all the settings are correctly configured that’s it.
Does improving radio environment could help?

Improving SINR will not improve rank.

About crs port, what it is defined?

It is defined 4.

One is crs port, other is crs antenna mapping.

Ok, but when I check the counters, they are good.

Slightly Relevant!

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Also better to check all four ports rssi and there correlation, the correlation of ++ should be highest and same with --. If the RSSI correlation is not as per configuration or Antenna RRU connection then you need to change CRS Port Mapping Accordingly. Rectification of this process will help to improve MIMO usage and user experience

Idea is that in any drivetest max of 4x4 MIMO percentage is 5-10% maximum. You cannot expect more than this no matter what unless you drive in a very specific dense urban scenario where you may get up to 15-20%.