4G Optional Features

Which of the features below can a 4G network live out? Features that aren’t critical?

  • PDCCH Symbol Adaptive Allocation(TDD)
  • DL 256QAM(TDD)
  • Extended Cell Access Radius(FDD)
  • PCI Collision Detection and Self-Optimization(FDD)
  • Interference Detection and Suppression(TDD)
  • Intra-eNodeB UL CoMP(FDD)
  • Intra-eNodeB UL CoMP(per Cell)
  • Control Channel IRC(FDD)
  • Power Expansion Unit of FDD 1 (FDD)
  • High Speed Mobility(FDD)
  • Neighbor Cell Classification Management(FDD)
  • Coordinated Scheduling based Power Control(FDD)
  • DL CoMP between eNodeB(FDD)

Hello! In my opinion all of these features aren’t critical and are more like optional.

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All festures about CoMP is not much gain, negative impact.