40w vs 80w RRH with muting issues

Dear Experts
In our NW Cell is configured with 2300/1800/850 band.
1800 band cell with 40 W RRH is having high muting as compared to 1800 band cell with 80 W RRH.

My question is why cell with 40 watt rrh is having high muting despite of having 850 band available in case RSRP degrades?

May be rs power is set low on 40 watt rrh for throughout purpose as compared with 80 watt.
Giving coverage issue.

Rs power is less for 40w as Bw is same and Both 40w and 80w rrh is 4 crs enable.
Even though rs power is less but 850 band is there to mitigate the same.

If bler is high on 40 watt you can try to make VoLTE DL and UL BLER as low as possible comprising on Throughout.
Or if VoLTE traffic is high you need to shift that through HO setting and I believe it will be different group for VoLTE HO.
For Handover.

Actually you need to make RSRQ based handovers.
Then you will fix the mute calls for good.
A5 events based on RSRQ.

And what about A1 and A2 it too needs to be rsrq then?

If rsrq of serving cell is lower than -18 and rsrq of target is better than -14 to trigger an interfreq HO.

Ho strategy for gbr and non gbr is different and it’s Rsrp based.

But usually GBR thresholds are set such a way to act first.

For gbr 1800 A1 is -111 dBm and A2 is -116 dBm (same for 40w and 80w) A3 is 3 dB.

But you can have strong RSRQ/SINR interference even at -90 dBm RSRP.
How are the thresholds above going to help you in such cases?

Yes that’s right but these settings are uniform across all the cells.
Is there any suggestion to tweak these settings?

We have carried out the coverage optimization by uptilting 1800 (40w) band but not much improvement observed.