3G Shutdown!

Your 3G might be very good.
3G here is good for nothing.

What about 2G, it is already gone (too) or just 3G?

3G is good as long as is not used.
There are no interRAT load balancing policies in place so 3G is used just for CSFB and old phones only.

2G is here to stay for good.
You can’t imagine how many ATMs & POS are on 2G.

True, Inter RAT balancing is hardly used as usually operators don’t prefer users going to 3G any way.
But sometimes 3G throughput is better than 4G.

Correct 100%, I share the same opinion.

Can not shutdown two voice supporting technologies at once, think about social responsibilities of telecom, emegecy calls, basic connectivity…

Yes, these are IoT use cases to be honest.

Not very soon.

After several delays, Verizon has cemented the date of its 3G sunset. Experts share advice for upgrading security customers.

There is no reason to keep WCDMA running except dependency of some legacy handsets.

This case is not a normal one.
This country is under sanctions so they can not grow their network or modernize it!
On the other hand the difference between their money value and $ will make issue for users to upgrade their devices; so you can not expect increase of lte support UE penetration.

Vodafone Idea, India’s third-largest service provider, plans to shut down its 3G network later in 2021.