3G sector with VSWR alarm that wont clear

Hi, I have one 3G sector with vswr alarm… I changed RRU, changed the cable connecting the RRU to the antenna but the alarm won’t clear… Has one parameter to affect this issue?

Check if it’s connected to right antenna band

What is the threshold of VSWR alarm ?

check connectors are well tightened

can also use a site master

It’s connected to the right antenna band

The VSWR alarm threshold is 20

in ericsson VSWR=1.5 for 100% sensitivity

1.10 and 1.15 also acceptable

@WhatsappUser1, threshold values between 19 - 27 are OK.

its alarm tHreshold which i shared , acceptable value defined by operator.

If you changed jumper, RRU and still have the alarm, then the antenna port is causing the high VSWR. Try to connect the jumpers of this sector to another antenna, just check if the VSWR will appear.

OK. Thank’s! Will do that

Which vendor?