128T128R, does big vendors have it?

128T128R, does big vendors have it?


Airspan’s Open RAN GE Air5G (RU’s) provides 5G-NR Sub-6 GHz or mmWave outdoor access, consisting of the Radio Unit (RU) with an integrated massive MIMO antenna array of up to 128×128. They allow operators to deliver multi-Gbps user experience by leveraging wide channel allocations and massive MIMO in either Sub-6 GHz or mmWave.

Airspan products

Air5G Sub-6 and Air5G mmWave

I think Samsung has even 1024:

Airspan deployed where? Any idea?

Airspan is vendor of Rakuten. This product is deployed in Rakuten.

This is 1024 antenna elements, not TRX.
SS mmWwave is 4T4R.
Huawei already has 8T8R mmWave RRU.

Thanks as per my knowledge for Rakuten with LTE:
CU + DU = Altiostar
RU = Nokia

Correct @ankgitm!

It’s mM product from Airspan, Rakuten is deploying this as mM wave product.