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ZTE 4G XML OSS Parameters Dump Parser


Hello members.

Here you will find Hunter Boda parser for ZTE 4G XML.

This specific post is for ZTE 4G XML issues only. If you have questions regarding other Vendor/RAT, please either find the appropriate topic or create a new one - if not already created.

The following sections contain the steps to obtain a ZTE 4G XML dump and parse it.


Step by step procedure to download and configure Hunter Boda ZTE 4G XML Parser

  1. Click the link below and download the boda parser to an appropriate folder on your computer.
    Tip: follow the recommended Hunter folder structure so that it will be easier to organize future parser versions, and also other parsers for other RATs.
    Download Link: (10.7 KB)

  2. The Hunter structure starts with a “Hunter” base folder. Then, a subfolder for “Boda”. In the Boda folder, create a folder for this parser (“ZTE_4G”). And finally, the module folders: “Scripts”, “Output” and “Data”.

  3. For now, we will follow the Hunter folder structure and download the BODA parser “boda-bulkcmparser.jar” to “C:\Hunter\Boda\ZTE_4G\Scripts”


Step by step procedure to download ZTE 4G XML Configuration Parameters from OSS

Let’s obtain the raw CM dump file.

  1. Launch “ZTE NetNumen OSS”.

  2. In the Topology Management window, right-click the NE agent, and select NE Management > Configuration Management. The Configuration Management window is displayed.

(Note: this procedure is missing right now).

If you know the steps to dump ZTE 4G XML, please reply.

Following the Hunter Folder Structure, download the file to “C:\Hunter\Boda\ZTE_4G\Data”. This folder will hold this specific dump. Of course you can download to any other folder you want - just make sure it will be easy to find later. :slight_smile:


Step by step procedure to parse (process/extract) ZTE 4G Configuration parameters

With the raw dump file downloaded, let’s extract the Parameters!

  1. First, check if the downloaded files are compressed (ZIP, RAR, 7-z, GZ, etc…). If so, uncompress them using any compression/uncompression utility such as Winzip, Winrar or 7-zip.

  2. Next we run the parameter extraction command. We advise you to create an auxiliary text file, to store/modify the command. Adjust the command based on the syntax below:
    “java -jar boda-bulkcmparser.jar inputFile outputDirectory”

  3. Run the command and wait for it to finish.
    IMPORTANT: Please make sure you run the command on ONE LINE ONLY (not on separate lines).

  4. Done! All your parameters will be extracted into csv files. These can be opened using any text editor, Microsoft Excel or Access .

"java -jar C:\HUNTER\Boda\ZTE_4G\Scripts\boda-bulkcmparser.jar C:\HUNTER\Boda\ZTE_4G\Data\example_data_subfolder\example_cm_file.xml C:\HUNTER\Boda\ZTE_4G\Output\example_output_subfolder\"

“C:\HUNTER\Boda\ZTE_4G\Data\example_data_subfolder” is the folder where you have your dump file;
“example_cm_file.xml” is your dump file;
“C:\HUNTER\Boda\ZTE_4G\Output\example_output_subfolder” is the folder where all CSV files will be created.

For a more detailed example, please check this topic: General instructions for using the CM parsers to process any network dump

That’s it.
Hope you all like and participate.
Help us by inviting your friends to the community, feedback/suggestions, and of course asking us whatever issue you may find.
Let’s build a totally new Telecom/IT global community.



Hi all,

A new version of the parser has been released. Everyone is strongly advised to download and use the new parser. Also, note that the old parser will/may not work after 1st August :). This we did so that members can get access to the new features and bug fixes.

Otherwise, enjoy and let us know if you run into any issues.



Hi @Emmanuel
First of all thanks for your hard work on this.

I need to tell someone how to export 4G CM data files from NetNumem in a step-by-step approach like you wrote for both 2G and 3G technologies.

Can you complete the 4G procedure following section “Step by step procedure to download ZTE 4G XML Configuration Parameters from OSS”?

As you mentioned “(Note: this procedure is missing right now).”. If you or anyone else can complete the step-by-step guide, I would appreciate.

Thanks in advance


Anyone with ZTE OSS experience out there who can help?