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What needs to be checked in Huawei to combat ERab success degratdation


Erab success degradation reason pls… And what need to be checked in Huawei system


Check licence


Any other clue


RRC connected user…There is a counter


Which counter in failure incremented? Any operation performed?


Rab failest no radiores.

Check the correlation with erab

If they are match check RRC connected user licence


OK thx… Will check


Please let us know if you find anything


Sure. Will do


this cause is for Erab failure… Any clue on this on Nokia system? What steps need to be taken?


Resource congestion? Should be PDCCH & SCH congestions


Can be a license issue

RRC USER and licensed user


It is license for sure.

if Huawei use the command: CHK DATA2LIC to check it


Thanks will do that


ERAB setup failure due to resource might be due to faulty board ,exporting board logs for that site and analysed through compatible tool will show you if board shows any relative message.

You can also check this via board related counters


Any counter for Nokia system pls