What is the equivalent of "ReferenceSignalPwr" in Ericsson as in Huawei?


Hi Experts. Do you de equivalent parameter in Ericsson to “ReferenceSignalPwr” for Huawei. I set this one with 18.2dBm.




You can calculate Rs power in E/// with setting crsgain, pdschtypeb, bandwidth, configuration of power


Is it possible to have different value of rs power?
I have observed a changes in rs power from 18 to 19 in the same cell In idle mode.


I guess your setting with crsgain 300 and 20W/Port in BW:10MHz or 30W/Port on 15MHz


Try to adjust RSpower with dlAttenuation and crsgain, you can see recommendation from alex


Dl attenuation is constant for one cell
And so is the bandwidth n crsgain then how the power is changed in sib2?


Please check your RRU Capability and license, configuredMaxTxPower, maximumTransmissionPower, noOfTxAntennas, noOfRxAntennas


All checked there is nothing problematic there.


Thanks. I will make a plan to calculate that.