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What does drop type 'SIP Bye Request' in tems mean?


Its RF ok

Its samsung


I think it is there you find in your library

Or check your formula

Anyways you first try this if drops nom are reduce that means it is working


What about in Ericsson & Nokia


We have separate counters drop due to partial handover drop due to timer expire drop due to late handover

Based on this we tune the parameter

One more thing which is identified in Nokia system check reference clock signal if you have TDD because TDD is too much sensitive a single drag in clock value it can impact very high drops

Stable clock is good


Its ok its we can find by drill down counter but …few drops not pigging …how we can takel…


It is impossible brother


Thanks …


It is also cause HO failure…simply can identify


No bro handover failure reasons are multiple

Ue lost radio condition takes place

How you bifurcate???


When You find reference clock issue HO failure rate is very high please check KPI


Why’s that? Please explain thet heory

I’ve got several cases of that


What should be the defence Timer value or Parameter Name any one can help


Can any one can help? Any experience guy can guide me about the same …


Check rlf failure

If you have Nokia system

Check ncwq

Ncqidtx parameter

And ncqirec

What is the value of allowed no of detransmission by ue


100ms is standard settings can yo explain how it’s work …what happened if its value can set 250 ms or any timer value need to change


Ye will sent 250 times detransmission to UE that he is in bad coverage.

If you set to 0 so once rlf timer starts it will drop directly. This is to save rlf. 60% drops happened due to rlf.

Don’t go for 250 it will increase your audio gap counter of you have volte in your network.

Which BTS you have???


Samsung volte Galaxy BTS…When it will start with end that parameters value can be more than N310 if not why


So it’s the one cause of MCR


its not times… its that wait periodic… before enodB say UE that it got loss

What is MCR ? Do u mean to say media call rate


Did you find any… as defence timers subject is not there in any of the libraries?