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What are main reasons for regions where RSCP is good but EC/NO is bad (and vice versa)?


Hello experts.

During Drive Test analysis, we find regions with good RSCP, and very bad EC/NO. The opposite also happens (bad RSCP but good EC/NO).

What would be the main reasons for this scenario?
And what should i analize first?



Hello Carlos,
When the case you pointed occurs, it means that your network have some regions with interference problems.
One of the reasons can be overshooting cells, I mean, presence of unwanted signals in a region.
Another one can be a wrong SC (scrambling code) planning, so you better first double check it.

Hope that helps.


Hello Carlos.

I’ve written an article a long ago, but i think it still deserve a reading.

Ec, Io, No, Eb… are very basic - however extremely important - concepts that must be well understood.

Leonardo Pedrini