telecomHall Experts Handbook - Ericsson CM Data

These are steps to get Ericsson CM (Configuration Management) Data to use with Boda.


Exporting CNAIv2 via GUI


Exporting CNAIv2 via CLI

  1. Log in into “Ericsson OSS” via Citrix.
  2. Launch > Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  3. Run command CNAI version 2: cnai export valid -i > YourFileName.txt
  4. The resulting file will be exported to the directory where you did run the command.


Exporting BULKCM via GUI

  1. Launch “OSS Common Explorer”
    Start > Applications > Ericsson > OSS Common Explorer
  2. Wait the “OSS Common Explorer” to load; After it is loaded, you can see the Main Window.
  3. At the left, under Topology, there is WCDMA Networks.
  4. Right click WCDMA Topology (in this example: “ONRM_ROOT_MO_R”).
  5. In the right click pop up Menu, choose “Export RNS”.
    TIP: if you want to export only one (or few) RNC, use SHIFT key pressed while selecting.
  6. Than the Bulk CM Export dialog appears, with the Parameters Configuration Options.
  7. Under “Export Details”, configure:
    7.1 Export to: where to save the Parameters Export (in the RNC) (“/var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/export/”)
    7.2 File Name: the name of the file. For example, “My3GCmDump.XML”
    7.3 Filter Details: “Radio and Transport Network”
    7.4 Check “Use Compress Export”
    Note: if this name already exists, it will be replaced in the Ericsson Server.

During the file export you can see the Exports Details.
At this point (at the Successful Status) the file is already exported from Network to Ericsson Server.

Now you can “Exit” the “OSS Common Explorer”.

The file will be exported to:

Exporting BULKCM via CLI

  1. Log in into “Ericsson OSS” via Citrix.
  2. Launch > Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  3. #Sync all 3G/4G nodes
    Run command /opt/ericsson/ddc/util/bin/mibutil -adjust SubNetwork=ONRM_ROOT_MO_R
  4. #Export Configuration Parameters
    Run command /opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/bin/ both /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/export/My_3G4G_BulkCM_Export.xml
    Files exported to: /var/opt/ericsson/nms_umts_wran_bcg/files/export/