Solution to Channel Element (CE) Congestion

Hello Experts.

I am facing CE (Channel Element) Congestion, and would like to have your advice on what should I check, and what are the proven solutions to eliminate it.

Is there any configuration I can set to help improve CE utilization, rather than checking NodeB license?



Hello @rafaeldamasio

CE Congestion can happens for UL (Uplink) and DL (Downlink), so first thing is to verify if CE Congestion is experienced in the UL or DL.

There are some suggestions to easy CE Congestion.

For example, for ‘UL CE Congestion’ you can disable 2ms TTI (duration of a transmission on the radio link) for HSUPA service.

Of course this will impact latency, throughput (with 2ms TTI we can respond faster to RF conditions).

Also: for ‘2 ms TTI’ it is consumed 8 CE (transmitted 160 kbps), and for ‘10 ms TTI’ it is consumed only 1 CE (but transmitted only 32 kbps).

Another option, if the number of R99 users are small, you can also disable 384kbps RABs (SF8) in RNC, and you’ll also get an improved ‘UL CE Utilization’.


1- check hardware capacity
2- check license CE
3- check power cong of EDPDCH (10ms and 2ms)
4- use CE overbooking
5- for DL you can user SRB over HSDPA


Hello Omar,
Thank you for your answer, please can you share Ericsson counter can i check it?
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Check local cell group or it called base band equipment ID it may be a conflict between the hardware and the the group

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