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RFF01:Inventory Report


Hello friends,

Moving forward with our Hunter/Boda tools, we would like to build more ‘useful’ things.

With the parsers, we are able to collect all configuration parameters from the network and store them in database tables such as MS Access. The configuration parameters will be our foundation on top of which more useful tools and formats for the data will be built. They are our big raw diamond, so to speak, that still needs work to reach its true potential/value. That said, we would like to engage the Telecomhall community in this next step.

Configuration parameters are very useful for:

  • Audits (Consistency Check)
  • Follow Ups (Features active or not)
  • Baseline (Against a reference - is my network fine?)
  • Inventory Report (What exactly do I have installed in my network?)

The last use case is what we want to start with. We want do define an Inventory Report template. We are interested in finding out…

  • What you expect to see in an Inventory Report
  • What fields (parameters) it should have
  • What granularities it should have (by Board, by Carrier, by Cell, By RNC/BSC/MME)?
  • And of course, from where we can extract this information. Your contribution will be very important on this point as we will need information on which MO’s contain the pertinent information to be used in the reports.

We will start with a very basic template, then keep improving it.

You are all welcome to give suggestions, and also (mainly) indicate where / how we can get the info regarding this report in for the different vendors & technologies MO’s.




Below inputs can be considered to be included in the inventory list

  1. Site ID / Site Name , Area or physical address where the site exists
  2. Hardware installed on the site . For example for an LTE site , what System module, Baseband Module and RF module are plugged in. Or for 2G what type of BTS is installed and the configuration of the site denoting no of TRXs per sector.
    Also type of antennas that are installed on each sector. Also if the site is feederless or having feeder.
  3. Indoor site with shelter and cabinet or Outdoor site
  4. Site Type : GreenField , Rooftop , wall mount , Cow etc



How to Download it or where i can find it


@Tareq, we will communicate when it is ready.

@MR_271285, thanks for you input.