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Preparation Intra Freq in Ericssoj is zero. Any ideas what the cause may be?


Preparation Intra Freq in Ericssonis zero.

These counters are zero. any idea?


first, Verify configuration of relations, PCI and TAC is correct? and Nbid of sites this relation


tac and NB is Ok


and PCI? PCI Conflict and Colision


There is no conflict


and Colision?


Its incoming HO what’s about out HO


Try disable ANR and delete all neighbors. After enable ANR.


If these values are Zero it means No Rejection.
counters are related to “handover preparation failure “mainly License issue like “Connected users license capacity exceeded of target cells which OFFLOAD Traffic from Target cell.
Counter 5-6 are Related to highload or OverLoad… and admission rejection.
Hope above detail will help you.thanks



Q: Intrafreq Prep Failure.
A:Check other Kpi like Erab sr and Erab drop rate is ok ?
There is any TNL failure ?
Check counter of Tnl failures,Transport Network Link Failure due to Transmission.
Also check MME id is correct.