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Need comments on CA between L1800 and L2600 bands


U have to configure it. Configure l18+l26 and l26+l18. U chould check kpi to see if l26 cells are configured as pcell


That’s what in my mind as well ,without configuring it ,reverse Scell activation should not work


What is the Reselection priority of both bands ? Make sure that L26 should be higher than L18.


L26 is already higher


U can have different priorities for single carrier ue and ca ue based on what band to offload, carrier bandwidth and band coverage


@WhatsappUser3 and @Zubair_Mumtaz, query was this one


This is settled I though. If you configure ca combination l18 pcell and l26scell, in no case we will have l26pcell +l18 scell. U need to configure both for it to happen


Exactly without configuring both bands and scell and pcell, CA won’t trigger both ways ,I haven’t configured this kind of settings in my network yet ,will do one and confirm above working