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Low DL Speedtest


Dear experts…

I have very low DL Speedtest but high UL Speedtest, what is actually the cause ?
Would you mind please to help me dears ?
Thank a lot


Hi ,

Please check first your PRB Usage if it is exeding 80 % ? if it is the case expand a bandwith or add new Cell/ site

How about your downlink quality , please check the SINR in drive test or the AVG CQI in kpi

Wish vendor ???


PRB Utilization is still low
SINR also good enough around 20dB
Huawei Vendor


Check with a number that doesn’t go through billing. If the problem persists perform a UDP test from the site to the subscriber. If the speed is still low it means that the problem is in RF, if not it is somewhere else and not related to the eNodeB, NodeB, BTS or some other node (you didn’t say what).