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In Huawei, why is there no traffic when I configure 15 HSDPA codes with manual allocation?


In huawei, if I configure 15 hsdpa codes with manual allocation setting, there will not be hs traffic, what is the logic ?


You mean static configuration not dynamic ?


Yes. R99 traffic can be shown but hs zero


You may suffer from code cong


Code congestion has nothing to do with hsdpa service establishment because its codes already allocated statically


Are there alarms?


No, but when you type DSP UCELL you get hsdpa setup failure in output


Have you configured other code numbers i.e. 5,7,10,13,15


What about license ?


Yes when less number of codes configured hs traffic shows up, but am asking about why it was zero when codes set to 15 statically


As i remember when the code allocated manually its the minimum code allocated for the ue when it intiate the service so it will give one user the 15 codes (ideal cases) but when other user try to initiate service there will be no codes available.

If there any users with other services there will be no codes available for the hs service


What are bomber of hs scch codes ?


It is 4 codes


May be this is the reason. Kindly try 2 hsscch


This the min yes ?


For static no min or max just one static value


Ohh yes :slight_smile:


Try set 2 hsscch code.

Remember that if you set to 15 hsdpa codes there will be no voice on this carrier, sure?