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Hunter Baseline


One of the main challenges in Configuration Management is to have a “Baseline” (create and maintain) with the recommended value for every Configuration Parameter, which serves as a basis for queries, audits and also define changes.

If the Manager don’t have a Baseline to follow, we can say he is blind, and all efforts will be worthless, certainly causing a lot of rework, not to mention degrading overall network quality and performance.

So we’ll starting Hunter Baseline, a new module to group togheter all best practices from all over the world.

Feel free to suggest how can this be done.

One option would be create a single Excel spreadsheet, with all parameters from all vendors, along with the recommended values that are optimized in the networks.

The problem in this case is how can we create and maintain it updated.

Open to suggestions.


good day all!!
In my humble opinion,first of all we need tro draft down which are parameters are important with regard of user experience ,network analysis and quality imrpovent of whole network.

From, there we can do baseline based upon per technology like LTE,3G & 2G.




Hi all

I agree with you Shakeel.

My recommendation is to create one spreadsheet per technology and vendor editable for all members, based in the important algorithms that each vendor handle; and then add recommended parameters based on scenarios such like low load medium load heavy load.

Annex a (9.0 KB)


Hello @Shakeel, @cae1004.

Really great initiative.

I think i can made a contribution. I have worked in several markets, and I can assure you that a Baseline is really one of the most important document in any network.

Unfortunately, these kind of documents are often not common among users.

I will look for some “models” I have and post it here.

Note: best of all, the amazing part of this project is that is being conducted by telecom professionals. Really amazing. :slight_smile: