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Huawei 4G XML OSS Parameters Dump Parser



@Cesar_Nunes , I believe your file as an error in the structure on line 5889873


The problem was solved. I export a new xml file.


Is there 3G and 2G XML parser for Huawei? I have used 3G CFG parser but considering XML parser for both 3G and 2G


@moshen1, Are they GExport dumps ?


I want to pars 3G and 2G XML


Hello @mohsen1, can you show how do you get this XML files?

(For example, what is the Menu you follow to get them?)

We need to know what format you’re talking. The tool can parse XML from Gexport, and TXT from CFGMML (in case of Huawei 2G/3G).


Emmanuel helped me to solve the proprem,following is solution for it