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How to overcome traffic congestion?


How to overcome traffic congestion? To overcome this 2 bands are there… But still traffic congestion


Which resource congestion is being faced?


Call drops are coming…Reason is traffic congestion


Which vendor


The vendor is Ericsson


I think call release due to congestion mainly resulted by power congestion

Make sure that Maximum transmit power is not less than RRU power capability, check power admission thresholds


Verify licenced RRC user limit too…


get the counters rejection from moshell and discuss latter,

ex script =>

pmx cellname failedafteradm|pmNoRrcReqDeniedAdmDlChnlCode|pmNoRrcReqDeniedAdmDlHw|pmNoRrcReqDeniedAdmDlPwr|pmNoRrcReqDeniedAdmUlHw|pmNoOfNonHoReqDeniedHs|pmNoServingCellReqDeniedEul|pmNoOfNonHoReqDeniedEul -m 4 -tz 7 -h