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How to convert mapInfo tab to Google Earth KML/Z and vice versa


Hello group,
any idea on how to convert map info tab file to Google Earth Kml/kmz for drive test and how to convert Google Kmz/Kml back to map info tab file for drive test.


There is a MBX file named mapinfo2google , you can use it to convert the mapinfo to kml/kmz. You can use global mapper to convert kml/kmz to mapinfo tab


Thanks .

But mapinfo2google MBX application tool normally export the kml file with white background which make it undesirable.

Any way to deal with the white background?

How can I get global mapper for the conversion?


Try to google on internet please


Try to use global mapper

Also check out video below:


I’m able to convert google earth kml file to map info tab file . Thanks so much i appreciate