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How many RBs can we use to reduce no resource at pucch?


For idle mode, modify the reselection creteria in cellresel and in eutraninternfreq

For connected mode change inninterfreqhogroup


Give me today for this. Thanks


In cellresel, reduce the qrxlevmin for the tdd. Put it small so that user will go there more often. You may reduce eutraninternfreq.threshxhigh

Another question, do you have priority based handover enabled? I.e. when on fdd and close to the site, ue in connected will do ho to tdd cell?


Yes, same setting.


Then reduce the threshold for A1 A2 and A4 in interfreqhogroup


Already done but will try again i can share my nw settings


For kpi, u can check nb of active user per band. Hopefully u can move some users to the tdd


What are the band that is used? For tdd and fdd?


For td 2300 and for fd 1800. 39025 for td and 1994 for fd


Maybe not so may user support tdd 2300. Which might explain 65/35 trafic distribution… Do you have info about this?


Its supported


92 prec of Mumbais device support band 40 and 3…which is enough


these might be due to pentration of fdd layer over tdd


It’s a bit high since on band 3 there is only 5mhz to handle 65% of traffic vs band 40 @ 20mhz for jus 35%

We can try to get band 40 to absorb traffic and check kpi such as drop and throughput… Push max traffic till there is some degradation on kpi. Then u can get the limits…

These parameters can be used to push traffic to the capacity band