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How can I reduce paging load on UMTS?


Hi , how to reduce paging load on umts One of that to stay more on pch stats.any other.


Use layer paging feature


Any soft parameter… other than this feature?


LAC split…Revise your lac plan


Great…any other


24kbps paging channel


At core level there are some parameters setting how many times paging will be resent if unsuccessful and wait time before resent. If you have access may play with those. But ultimately it’s about lac replanning as was mentioned above


??? Explain


Correct , also check T3212 timer in RNC side , normally they will keep half of msc timer


Standard paging capacity 8kbps , when we increase to 24 Kbps paging message per second will increase and success rate also will improve , pls not that It will require addition code


:+1::+1::+1: Thanks